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We only work with linguists that we trained ourselves: Lucid Arabic is a translation Agency specialized in Tech, software Medical, life science and legal general.

Your Arabic translation Oasis 🏝️ for French and English

As your premier translation agency, we’re not just language experts; we’re the bridge to boundless possibilities. Specializing in the intricate worlds of technology, the precision of medical expertise, and the diverse expanse of general content, we seamlessly transcend linguistic barriers, ensuring your message resonates on a global scale.

How can we help you?

Our expert translators bring clarity and cultural finesse to your content, guaranteeing impactful communication worldwide.”


Specialized in medical translation, our team excels in precision, terminology, and regulatory compliance, ensuring accurate and culturally sensitive healthcare communication


Our expertise in pharmaceutical translation, ensures compliance with industry regulations, precision in drug information, and seamless multilingual communication for life-saving innovations.

Life Sciences

Proficient in life science translation, we navigate intricate biological concepts, medical research, and clinical data to enhance global scientific communication


At the helm of our team is an experienced computer programmer and Linux enthusiast, whose wealth of knowledge serves as a guiding light. Committed to fostering growth, he diligently trains and mentors our close-knit group, nurturing both individual talents and collective success.


We understand the importance of localization and technical accuracy, and we are always up-to-date on the latest industry trends to ensure that your content is delivered to your target audience in the most effective way possible.

Legal General

Our translation agency excels in legal and general translation by meticulously preserving the nuances of legal documents while ensuring clarity and accuracy in everyday content. We prioritize precision to meet diverse client needs."


Here, we feature various projects we’ve worked on across different fields.

unisante Logo

Unisante & CHUV (medical)

We have successfully translated numerous documents  from French to Arabic in the field of prison environment health studies. Our expertise ensures accurate and culturally sensitive translations, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in this crucial area.”

Unicef interview adaptation (medical)

In a rigorous time frame, our team flawlessly translated over 11,000 words, converting an extensive questionnaire from English to Tunisian Arabic (derja). We ensured linguistic precision, cultural relevance, and met the demanding deadline seamlessly.”

WordPress logo

WordPress themes and plugins (software)

We’ve been engaged in diverse projects related to WordPress, involving localization of themes, plugins, and documentation. Additionally, our experienced team leader has made valuable contributions as an open-source translator editor for WordPress.

VLC media Player logo

VLC Media Player (software)

Our dedicated team leader and trainer played a pivotal role in the localization of VLC media player, serving as the meticulous Arabic team reviewer on the Transifex platform. By participating in VLC media player localization, he gained a valuable expertise in project management, teamwork, and cross-cultural communication.

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