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We specialize in medical, life sciences, tech, software and legal general.
From English and French to Arabic.

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Lucid Arabic delivers personalized translation services with high quality and fast turnaround.


Lucid Arabic offers a comprehensive review service, ensuring accuracy and quality in your content, enhancing your communication and language proficiency.


Our language company provides meticulous proofreading services, guaranteeing error-free content that conveys professionalism and clarity, meeting your highest standards.


We employ advanced tools and expert proficiency in transcription services to meet client demands for accurate, efficient, and timely results.


Elevate your multimedia content with our expert subtitling service, powered by cutting-edge tools, delivering precise and synchronized captions for global impact.

Content writing

Elevate your online visibility with our SEO-optimized content writing service, leveraging Google Search Console, Google Analytics, AIO Pack SEO, and more for top-ranking results.


Expand your global reach with our expert localization services, ensuring culturally resonant content that connects with diverse audiences worldwide


Tailor your content to diverse Arabic dialects with our expert adaptation services, ensuring precise communication that resonates with regional audiences.

Terminology creation and maintenance

Unlock precise and consistent communication across languages with our expert terminology creation and maintenance service.

Media monitoring

Stay informed and proactive with our media monitoring service, tracking trends, mentions, and insights to empower your strategic decision-making

Internet search

Navigate the digital landscape with precision through our internet search service, uncovering valuable insights and data to drive informed strategies.

Desktop publishing

Elevate your content with our desktop publishing expertise, delivering visually striking materials that resonate with your target audience and enhance your brand

Machine translation evaluation

Ensure top-notch quality with our machine translation evaluation services, combining human expertise and cutting-edge technology for precise, reliable translations.


Transform your content with our professional voice-over services, delivering clear, captivating narratives that resonate with your audience and enhance engagement.

Cognitive debriefing

Optimize linguistic precision with our cognitive debriefing service, ensuring that translations align seamlessly with cultural nuances and user comprehension.


Elevate your content with our back-translation expertise, driven by highly competent professionals who ensure precision, cultural relevance, and linguistic excellence

Reconciliation / Arbitration

Rely on our competent reconciliation and arbitration services for language solutions that harmonize diverse perspectives, ensuring accuracy and cultural relevance.

Linguistic validation

Our linguistic validation service ensures that your translations are accurate, culturally appropriate, and linguistically equivalent.

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